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Santa Fe Cares

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Santa Fe Cares receives funds from fundraising events, individuals, families, businesses, other foundations, United Ways and estates. These gifts and bequests are used to award grants semi-annually or may be designated to our endowment fund, of which only the income is used to offset administrative and grant award expenses. We do not seek government funding.

Won't you please help us fund HIV/AIDS
services in northern New Mexico?

Please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Santa Fe Cares
PO Box 1255
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Be sure to include:

Your name
City, State, Zip
Home & Work Telephone/Fax Numbers
Email and website addresses if applicable

If your donation originated because of your visit to this website, please so indicate. We are also interested in knowing why our donors give so generously, so we are collecting "Why I Care" stories to place in our newsletter. If you'd like to tell us in approximately 100 words or less "why you care," we'd love to hear from you! Our newsletter editor can help you write your story if you'd like - call Alex at 505/986-3820 or email