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Jerry and Carolyn Reichow Jerry & Carolyn Reichow

He was a football star. She was advertising director for a women's newspaper. They met in a bar.

Well, folks, it's not really that kind of a story.

It turns out that Jerry Reichow had just donated blood and had gone to the bar with friends thinking a beer would replenish his strength. Carolyn had gone to the same bar with a friend she was trying to cheer up. "The guys butted into our conversation," says Carolyn.

The next day Carolyn ran into Jerry at the Minnesota Vikings office where he worked as a national scout after having helped both the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles win world championships. This eventually blossomed into the romance that led to a marriage of 21 years. Both had children from previous marriages.

The couple has lived in Santa Fe for the past decade. Carolyn, who had an interior design business, could often be seen around town in a 1987 Jaguar. To help Santa Fe Cares she and Jerry donated the car to be raffled. And in the true spirit of generosity, the Reichows even sold tickets for their own car!

Husband and wife both brought a history of compassion to the relationship. This is translated into work with charities. The reason they decided to give the car to SFC is a personal one.

"My son Eric has AIDS. We almost lost him two years ago," says Carolyn. "We were very lucky that the new medicines came at the right time for him. Today he is living beautifully."

"We felt this was a good way to use that car," notes Jerry.

In the meantime, Jerry continues scouting for the Vikings which he serves as assistant general manager. "I'm afraid to retire," he says with a smile. Fly fishing and golf are favorite New Mexico activities. The former quarterback shares the latter with other retired NFL players in the area.

Carolyn is taking pottery and writing classes. She has begun a journal about the house they are beginning to build and hopes to publish it.

The Jaguar helped SFC raise $18,000 for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. Julie Scully was announced as the winner at the September 18th drawing during "Live At The Opera," SFC's ninth annual Celebration of Life AIDS Benefit held at the Santa Fe Opera.

Jerry and Carolyn are long time supporters of Santa Fe Cares and other AIDS organizations. It is through the great generosity of people like the Reichows that SFC is able to carry out its mission of increasing community awareness and enhancing the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Thank you, Jerry and Carolyn!