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  • AIDS is the second leading cause of death for people between age 25 and 44, but remains the leading cause of death for African-American women in the same age category. (CDC)

  • The incidence of AIDS among heterosexuals continues to rise, increasing 11 percent among men and 7 percent among women, with a 13 percent increase among Hispanic men and a 12 percent increase among African-American women.(CDC)

  • Every 20 seconds a woman becomes infected with HIV. (CDC)

  • Half of all new HIV infections occur in people under 25. (American Association for World Health)

  • One in 250 Americans are infected with HIV, including one in every 100 men. (CDC)

  • Every 16 minutes someone dies of AIDS.
    (International AIDS Conference)

  • At least one teenager is becoming infected with HIV every hour of every day. (CDC)

  • In the last 24 hours, while 3,000 new women in the world became infected with HIV, 500 other women died of AIDS.
    (International AIDS Conference)

  • Rural populations have the highest rates of increase in AIDS cases, with heterosexual contact accounting for most cases in many areas. (American Association for World Health)

  • AIDS cases have dropped among gay men but are climbing among heterosexual men and women. (CDC)

  • Women now make up 26% of the AIDS cases in the United States. Female AIDS cases jumped 63% from 1991 to 1995, affecting mostly poor, minority women. (CDC)

  • Older women are contracting HIV more frequently than before, mostly through heterosexual contact. (CDC)

  • Only an estimated 150,000 - out of close to 1 million - HIV+ individuals in the U.S. are using the latest drug combination therapy. That's less that 15%. (OUT EXTA '98)

  • Many infected teenagers had no idea their partner had HIV. (OUT EXTRA '98)

  • 10,000 infants now live with HIV and HIV-related illness is the leading cause of pediatric death in some U.S. cities. (National Center for Health Statistics)

  • There is an increase in unsafe sex practices for men and women, gay and straight, which could lead to HIV infection. (CDC)